Otter Voice Notes app for recording voice conversations memos

Otter Voice Notes is one of the best apps for 2020, and it is a smart application that allows you to take and record voice notes, enables you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations. 

The app provides 600 free minutes every month! , And is a cloud service that is also accessible from the web.

Otter creates smart audio notes that combine audio, transcription, and search by inline images and summary keywords. 

Otter Voice Notes app for recording voice conversations  memos
Otter Voice Notes app 

It helps businessmen, journalists, and students to be more focused, cooperative, and effective in meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important conversations.
If you search for the best program for recording voice conversations, recording them and converting them to writing on your phone during the registration process.

You can listen to them at any other time with this sponsor application you can record any conversation in English and keep it as an audio file.

A written conversation also is considered the best program ever as it facilitates Many users have many processes, they can also benefit from those who are also learning the English language.

So that you can listen to any conversation you want to convert into writing and convert it in writing while the one you are registering is speaking to.

"Otter Voice Notes" application there is only this version for the English language, the application is more than wonderful and it does many things including recording voice conversations and saving them on your phone.

Also converting them to a written file where you can refer to it at any time after that where you can the application from listening to the voice of the change With each word identified when it is pronounced to make it easier for you to write audio conversations.

If you work in the field of journalism, or you are a student and want to record the lecture by a doctor who speaks English and you cannot catch him in writing what he says, with this wonderful application that transforms audio recording and transforms Voice into a written conversation.

Otter Voice Notes application features

1- Easy and simple, and you can use it from the first experience.

2- The application gives you 600 free minutes every month to register anything you want and convert it into a written conversation.

3- The application is useful in the field of journalism or if you are a student and want to write what the doctor says in a lecture.

4- You can keep the audio file and also the written conversation, and you can save it on your phone or share it with your friends.

5- You can direct recording or import audio files from your phone to convert them into a conversation.

6- You can apply to refer to the point you missed during registration and refer to it and know it.

7- During the audio recording, you can also take pictures and put them in the middle of the conversation to express an explanation or something.

8- The application can keep the file on your phone with the following tags: TXT, PDF, SRT.

9- You can keep the audio file in mp3 format.

10- The application can import your contacts from your phone and can also share the conversations with them.

11- It has large storage space for all your private conversations so that you can refer to them at any other time.

12- The application also enables you to record the audio file of a foreign movie and convert all the audio conversations in the film into written conversations.

13- (useful for those who are learning the English language) helps them to recognize words or understand what English speakers say.

14- The application also enables you to listen to any music and convert the audio file into a conversation with the words of the song that you want its lyrics.

15- He got the best application in 2020. On google play store.

Why should you install such an app on your phone:

Otter Voice Notes application is one of the important applications currently in our day as it saves us a lot of time and effort while writing what anyone says about you by writing it manually on your phone. 

The application helps you to convert all the heard of texts in English into written texts that you can copy and keep On your phone or send it to your friends are texts that you can modify them as well and add any other texts that you want to add easily.

The application works by listening through the microphone of your Android phone for everything that is going on and converts this voice and recognizes the language and converts the audio texts into written texts through your phone only. 

Do you want to do a newspaper interview and do not want to write everything that your guest says you can use the application, do you use the application? You want to record the lecture in English and save it completely to your phone and create a word file in the lecture so that you can read it later while studying.

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