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Game booster for pc to accelerate and run games rapidly

Many opinions and criticisms have been made towards these applications, "They do not work", "they only overwork the team", "they are just viruses" and among many others. What is the best Game booster for pc?

But there are a few that have shown results and only those that have had equipment from previous generations or low or medium-low gamma and have resorted to this; They are the ones who come to perceive the large or medium improvements that these programs offer.

Game booster for pc
Game booster for pc

Below you will see the best Game booster for pc available in 2020.

Smart Game Booster 4

  1. In this top Game booster, SGB 4 is the second recommended by us, Smart Game booster has many features of great help for the optimization of our PC.
  2. It has quick access to the BOOST and the system RESTORE to leave it as it was.
  3. It has a temperature meter allowing us to have more extensive control in our equipment.
  4. A quick access menu of games for the desktop.
  5. An automatic driver update system.
  6. It has a more complete and programmable Defragmentation option.
  7. It is for these characteristics and more that game booster deserves a second place as the best available game booster.


If you have issues like poor lag and high ping then WTFast is what you need. It is a good software for optimizing PC games, WTFast sets itself apart from the rest, as it focuses more on increasing Internet speed for better online gaming performance. 

Reduces game lag and decreases ping which reduces slowdowns during online multiplayer sessions.


This top of game boosters for Windows would be incomplete without GameBoost. In addition to the usual game-enhancing features, it also helps increase Internet speed. With this software, animations, refresh rate, and processor speed are much higher. Easy-to-use software that is liked by beginners and experts.

RAZER Cortex

This is one of the most recommended by us as the best game booster for Windows games, Razer Cortex: Boost is quite popular in the Gamer community. 

It's free, it creates a smooth gaming experience by closing all apps that are not needed during games. The whole focus of your systems, GPU, CPU, and RAM is focused only on the game.

Maintains and removes unnecessary processes and applications, freeing up invaluable resources and RAM needed for games. 

This provides higher frames per second and smoother gaming performance.

Whether the game is from your desktop, Origin, or Steam, Razer starts running when you run a game. 

When you are done with games, this Game Booster restores the PC to the previous state automatically.

The tool provides a higher FPS when managing native applications and other applications in Windows. 

It uses two main modes: enable CPU core to prioritize gaming and disable CPU sleep mode for high performance.

The FPS counter separately tracks frames per second when you are playing games. It then prepares the FPS chart and allows you to evaluate your statistics and obtain vital information that will help you change the boost settings.

By using this software, you will notice smoother movement in the game due to the higher FPS. 

The charging time that usually tests your patience is drastically reduced. You can also customize your settings.

MSI Afterburner

Last but not least in this top Game booster for Windows, we have the MSI Afterburner which is an excellent booster for Windows 10. 

This is one of the few programs like GameBoost that offers overclocking options. In addition to the usual functions, it allows the user to customize the fan speed, reference video record, and monitor. 

It offers full control over the voltage and frequency of the GPU. This, combined with the freedom to change the fan speed, allows the user to harness the full potential of the graphics card. 

The software also provides information on usage, temperature, clock speed, and voltage.