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Video Maker app for editing and creating different videos

Downloading the Video Maker app for Android via a content site, creating videos on smartphones that run on the Android system has become one of the easy things that anyone can implement without the need for experience in the field of video editing.

After a large number of videos spread on social media pages between Friends The search for knowledge about the best video maker apps has increased, so we are here today to talk with you about the Video Maker app.

Video Maker app for editing and creating different videos
Video Maker app 

It is worth noting that Video Maker is one of the excellent applications specialized in making videos on Android easily.

Conveniently, by opening the application and choosing more different images from the image gallery on the phone, and it is also possible to choose a specific song from the application itself or the phone. 

In addition to the ability to Add themes and shapes that show the video distinctively and dazzlingly, and after that, the video is saved on the phone and shared among friends on social media, which has become one of the basics of our time. 

For his part, the application does not need experience in this field at all and can be dealt with easily and without complication. 

In addition to that, it is one of the applications available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded to the phone very quickly because it is available in sample size and does not take from the memory space. 

So let us touch with you today In the conversation about clarifying the features of Video Maker app, let us also show you how to download it to Android devices.

Video Maker app features 

1-Video Maker features photo editing and creating different videos.

2-Characterized by making videos professionally.

3-The application contains many different filters and themes.

4-The ability to add a favorite song or tone to the video.

5-Ease of dealing with the tools available in the application.

6-Available on Google Play store most used in many countries.

7-The application came for free and does not require you to pay any money.

8-Achieve a high user load.

9-The ability to share videos on social media.

10-It comes in a simple size and doesn't take up space on the phone.

11-A quick download of the application to the phone. 

Video Maker for many users is the best home video editor that you can use. For many years, Microsoft had been a reference until his recent death, forcing many users to search for alternatives. 

Although it was never a standard for the audiovisual industry, it succeeded in bringing video editing to all kinds of people. 

Due to the end of Video Maker, a wide range of alternative options have emerged online trying to bridge this gap, with each one wanting to defend their site as the only right backward for late Microsoft software. Video Maker is one of these great alternatives. 

What is Video Maker: 

VideoShow is rated the No.1 Video Editor & Video Maker app in many countries. It's the choice of 200 million users! The app has won numerous awards in the app markets and has received more than 2,000,000 five-star ratings. 

Also included in the list of top video editors. VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. In this movie maker and photo editor, creating a video or slideshow using photos, music, stickers, and sound effects is easy and fun. 

Young filmmakers can even upload your videos or music clips with text, FX, effects, GIFs, Snapchat stickers, multiple kinds of music, photo filters, transitions, sound effects, or dubbing directly, almost anything you want in an innovative and personalized way.

What are the features of Video Maker: 

Video Maker - VideoShow for PC offers a set of features that make it one of the most popular programs: 

1-The program offers 8 basic customizable video features with custom text color and font size. 

2-The program allows the addition of pre-installed music clips for easy-to-use attachments. 

3-Supports multiple music clips with dedicated time slots on your video. 

4-set of stickers with custom time duration and size of each poster. 

5-New advanced multi-text support with a dedicated time interval for each text. 

6-Apply video filters like Sepia Grades, Mirror, and Negative Image and choose from 15 filters for your videos. 

7-You can cut, split, and copy videos together into multiple parts, and you can also merge another video into it. 

8-Organize and display your photos in an innovative way with Slideshow Movie Maker. 

9-Set custom effects on trimmed parts of a clip. 

10-Switch the transition effects between the embedded videos at any time to make them more dynamic and smooth. 

11-Direction adjustments with water transitions.

Video Maker app pros: 

1-The program includes a converter for formats, so you can change the video format to another format. 

2-The program offers a different set of themes. 

3-It has a simple and easy user interface. 

4-The set of filters contains filters.

Pictures with sound background: 

Video Maker allows you to group your featured photo album with an audio background that you can add, in Mp3 format, suitable for the content of your collages, with the ability to control the timing of the start of the audio background, increase or decrease the sound by timing. 

More than that, you can record your voice as a comment on a group of photos, choose the time that you want your voice to appear according to the image display, or fetch audio clips from your iTunes library, and you will eventually get a professional and distinctive video.

Many effects: 

The application will provide you with many effects that you can add, you can choose the appropriate ones, to get a special video. 

Templates and stickers: 

What you will find in the application is the diverse content of templates, frames, stickers, all of these you can apply to your photos before the final output, this will ensure you get better pictures and thus a better video.