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Threads application a new messaging application for android

Facebook owner of the Instagram and Whatsapp application is working on a new application called Threads.

Which is concerned with correspondence and conversations only and derives most of its features from the Snapchat application, as was the practice of Facebook always copying the features of Snapchat and add it in its applications.

Now the role came on its new application, the Threads application, which will allow the conversation Between friends and share data and information with each other, such as geographic location, status and others. 

 Threads application a new messaging application for android

Looking at the screen shots reviewed by The Verge, we find that the Threads application was designed primarily to promote continuous and automatic sharing between users and people on Instagram's 'close friends' list.

In a way, this app is associated with the Instagram app and is considered a messaging app between friends who are in Instagram but in a separate messaging app. 

In order to clarify the image, Instagram and the Threads application will be somewhat similar to the way Facebook and Messanger work, since each application represents a separate thing, but in the end they are related to each other. 

Threads application features: 

The first features that we were able to know, that you can update your status automatically and regularly on the new application, allowing your friends in real time to know information about your site and your speed.

Whether it is in the event of any movement that you are moving from one place to another or not and other features within the application that is still under Currently testing. 

The app is very similar to the messaging feature inside Instagram. The same menus are the same, with a green dot indicating which of your friends is currently active. 

If your friend recently posted a story, you can see that from within the Threads app as well. 

The new app also has a camera, which you can use to take photos and videos and send them to your close friends. 

The application will combine the basic Instagram features and the chat features in Snapchat, which means more strong entry in the field of instant messaging and Snapchat competition. 

When to launch the application: 

There is no current information on when the application was launched. 

But Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said in March that he saw private messages and correspondence as the company's future. 

The Threads application appears to be the company's latest development to make this vision that Mark spoke about true and realistic. 

Threads app allows sharing of pictures, videos and messages 

The independent Instagram Threads application allows the user to share photos, videos and messages, in addition to stories, but with a specific group of Instagram friends who are close.

So that the user can control who he wants to share his diaries with, which provides the user with greater privacy. 

The Threads from Instagram application also provides the user with the ability to communicate with friends by sharing the case, a feature similar to that provided by Facebook.

So that the user can share his condition such as studying, eating or watching TV, or even sharing the feeling including happiness or sadness, with the ability to share The status is automatically on the move.

But the feature requires enabling geolocation sharing to display cases automatically, and the user can simply write what he does or feels. 

The main element of the application is the camera, as it focuses on the ease of taking the photo and sending it to a friend quickly and smoothly.

The application saves the closest friends who share with them the largest number of pictures and puts the image of their personal files at the bottom of the screen for easy access to them, and supports the "Alsturi" feature as the rest of the applications. 

The move comes as Facebook seeks to compete with the Snapchat application, which is the most popular among teenagers because of the instant messaging service using the camera. 

Critics of the app say that users have tried it, what can be done through it is mainly available in "Instagram", and has not really added anything new, except for the speed of communication and sending pictures. 

The app is expected to get new updates and features in the near future. 

The application is now available in the Middle East on the Google Play store for Android phones and is available on iPhone phones in the United States and some other countries only. 

They mention from the source that Threads will not be like Facebook Messenger, but it will be more personal, because we will not only be able to send and receive text messages, calls and video clips.

But this forum will also allow us to exchange information about our site and the speed and duration of the battery. 

An ongoing and automatic exchange will take place with friends or family members who are on the list of close friends, a feature that Facebook says will give the study a different appeal and give Instagram a positive boost unlike its current messaging system.