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Calculator Vault Gallery Lock to hide important photos and files

The beautiful Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app enables you to save your photos and videos from Dhuhr with photo albums for everyone. 

Today’s application on our site is a different application from the famous security applications as it hides images and files that are important to you inside an application that appears from the outside.

Calculator Vault Gallery Lock to hide important photos and files
Calculator Vault Gallery Lock

As if it is a computer machine so many of us have several important pictures or important files that we want to keep away from intruders in support of personal freedom and our application today allows It is completely distinguished in this field.

The application works as a full computer only except when you enter the password for you, it opens the application directly.

The application is a calculator that performs all calculations normally and professionally but after entering a specific number you have specified before that you can then enter into your files that no one can Only you can access it.

Calculator Vault Gallery Lock is a beautiful application that camouflages everyone so that they think it is a calculator except that when entering the required password. 

You will find all your saved photos and videos that only appear here. It is the best free iPhone app to save your files.

This is not a calculator. It is the Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app only, but it works like a calculator, so when I go in and write 2 + 2.

It will appear with me 4 and anyone who enters the application will think that it is a normal calculator, but when you will type 0900 or any number You select it the first time you install the application and they ask you for a specific code that code. Once you type it again into the calculator, it enters you to a secret location.

Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app features:

  1. Download from the Google Play Store.
  2. Ease of use by its distinctive and simple interface.
  3.  Incognito and lock all your files, images, and other objects.
  4. You can close the application with two different protection systems, the first is Pin Code and the second is Pattern.
  5. One of the great features that were added in the last version of the application is the ability to close applications and settings for the phone as well, not just files and videos.
  6. The app takes a picture from the front camera if someone enters the wrong password or wrong pattern.
  7. If your phone supports the fingerprint protection system, you can use this system to lock your files and applications by allocating your fingerprint to unlock.
  8. The application contains many different and wonderful Themes that suit all tastes and also the application displays the files inside in more than one way such as the menu system or the network system.
  9. Many other cool things.
  10. This distinguished application has managed to obtain a large number of download times in a short period, as the number of downloads has reached more than 5 million downloads.
  11. He also received a final evaluation of 4.5.

Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app features:

  1. Hide all applications installed (no ROOT getting).
  2. Password protection (when the first time, you need to create a password).
  3. Supports hide any applications used on mobile phones (the easy way to hide apps).
  4. The hidden app can be used in Vault Calculator, also use the main interface on the phone.
  5. Open the app only a standard calculator, if you don't know a word the vault calculator cannot be used.
  6. Hide notifications, and provide notification in 3 modes each number/fair/none.
  7. Applications 7. Hide from my talk.
  8. Gallery to hide photos/images (protect your secret photos/images, avoid others in finding them).
  9. Shortcut 9.Add to the hidden camera (use the hidden built-in camera to take special pictures).
  10. Hide video and play video files.

In turn, the Calculator Vault application is available free of charge and completely from the Google Play store, regarding the possibility of using it is easy and simple.

Since the first moment to open the application requires you to set up a password and rewrite it again to confirm it, then you can specify the security question.

Which in case you forgot a word Traffic You can use the question and answer previously set, and to reach this question you have to open the application and write the following numbers on the calculator box 11223344.

After enabling the password and the security question, you will enter the main application interface, all you have to do is choose the file, whether an image, document, video, or even an application, and then click on the lock icon.

Finally, as we previously mentioned to you, the Calculator Vault application is freely and completely available and you can download it by moving For his page in the Google Play store from below.