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Application azar for random chats ,voice calls and sending text messages

Application azar for iPhone: It is considered one of the most sophisticated applications among many different chatting applications. 

The company that developed this amazing application has allowed access to the Azar application for iPhone through Android and iPhone tours in addition to computers, as the Azar mobile application works You should move closer to the distance and that is to make you feel your presence.

Application azar for random chats ,voice calls and sending text messages
Application azar 

And not only is it at this point, not even, and that the Azar app for iPhone through which you can make a call to anyone at random to make a connection between you and him.

In addition to that the Azar program for iPhone is considered one of the programs of a refined nature And elegant among all the social media applications.

You can learn more about downloading the Azar program for iPhone and communicate with all people all over the world. 

But under one condition and that is after you download the Azar application for iPhone through the links that you will find in this content provided by the staff of the mobile app site. 

You will find a link to download the Azar app for iPhone with a direct link through the App Store, which is well known for the iPhone applications.

Download the Azar app for iPhone - allows you to make voice calls and send text messages, in addition to this, the Azar app for iPhone can conduct random conversations, as with the emergence of that type of application that made users all over the world feel that The world has become a small village.

That type of application has become of great importance because it has made the process of communication between users very easy, as these applications are available to download on mobile whether it is Android or any iOS or personal computer and laptop.

Especially if you can now speak with anyone from anywhere in the world and at any time regardless of culture, language and country, this allows you to get to know many different nationalities and also learn about different and new cultures.

In addition to You will learn many new languages ​​spread all over the world by practicing the language with many people from all countries all over the world.

It is worth noting that the Azar mobile application has an easy and very simple interface in dealing with it, as you will be able to identify through it all of the things, tools, capabilities, and features that exist within the application on your own, without you needing to ask the assistant from Anyone to teach you how to deal with Azar for iPhone.

Since you are through small clouds in the application, you will be able to travel to countries in the blink of an eye and meet people, and all that and you are in your place.

But through the application of the Azar for iPhone, it enables you to get to know all the cultures that you want to deal with, through Swipe left or right you will be able to get videos of many different people, and by swiping down you will be able to permanently close the conversation.

The Azar app for iPhone is a free application since you will be able through the application to communicate with new friends in a completely free way that you do not need to purchase the application.

In addition to that the program has a very good quality in the video as the video quality is in any Chat is the biggest problem with this type of application.

Azar app features for iPhone latest version

Identify interests: Through this amazing application, you can define your interests, whether it is fashion, music, graphics, dance, movie, shopping or football. 

In addition to many other interests that interest you and that you prefer, this affects the searches for new friends They also have the same interests.

A list of chat and chat history: You will find inside the application a list of chat history and also a list of conversations for you to find new friends this and in addition to that you will also get a list of friends.

Create an Azar account: The Azar app for iPhone gives you a very great feature, which is the ability to create an account on the Azar program to fully control the settings and tools that exist within the application in addition to controlling also the banned and hidden friends. 

You will also be able to delete All archives and the ability to contact Instagram. 

However, you can also delete the account that relates to you on the Azar program, as you will get a privacy policy, terms of service, and many other things like that about Azar for mobile.

Azar application is one of the new applications between dating and random chatting applications, whether video or chat, and you do not need to pay any money when you download the application, but by buying gold coins, you get bigger features such as choosing the type that you want to speak randomly with a video call, whether boy or girl.

In the app, you can log in with your email or phone number, and there is also another way to register via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The application allows you to make random video calls with many Arab and foreign countries, such as Canada, America, and also there are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt.